Salesforce CRM Overview

Sales and Marketing Automation

Salesforce's marketing automation solution can improve collaboration between sales and marketing teams, and ensure the right leads and customers are targeted for you campaigns.

The Sales Cloud brings all contact information together that is incorporated with marketing, lead generation, sales customer service, and business reporting.

Extensively customizable

Salesforce allows businesses to customize user interface, work flows, system security, data import/export, reporting, and analytics.

Through the use of powerful custom application development, Salesforce can integrate with external application and ensure information is shared among application.

Real-time Information

Get insights into how your business is performing by building custom report and analytical charts. Use this information to further optimize your business processes.

Access your data through a mobile, and to stay up to date with client information while out of the office and be better prepared for client meetings.

Sign up for Salesforce CRM with a free 30-day trial. For new customers, SwiftWare Advisory will provide a free one hour consultation session to review customization needs.

As a Certified App Builder, we are able to help you with your Salesforce CRM needs:

  • Understand your unique business requirements and advise you on the most optimal solution
  • Build and implement a custom solution that aligns with your business
  • Migrate your existing data into Salesforce CRM
  • Integrate Salesforce CRM with applicable external software
  • Train you and your staff to understand how the CRM helps in the day-to-day activities

If you would like SwiftWare Advisory to help you set up and customize your Salesforce CRM account, please email [email protected]