Method:CRM Consultant

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Hire a consultant who worked for Method:CRM as a Customization Solutions Specialist! Aaron Thevarajah worked for Method:CRM for over a year and a half and has logged over thousands of customization hours. Aaron has helped small business owners with their initial set up and has provided ongoing customization support

Sign up for Method CRM and receive a free 30-day trial. Hire us are your consultant and Aaron will provide you with a free half hour to set up your Method:CRM account.

If you would like SwiftWare Advisory to help you set up and customize your Method CRM account, please email [email protected]

Real-time Information

As you add new customers, create invoices, or modify sales orders, Method will automatically push updates to QuickBooks.

Easily access data using your mobile device; Send quotes or invoices from the field, or assign a follow up while you are out of the office.

Lead and Customer Management

Track your leads in Method:CRM and avoid cluttering your QuickBooks with potential customers. Method:CRM will manage your leads and won't sync the leads to QuickBooks until they become customers.
Maintain real time customer information and all relevant activities and tasks. Method allows you to track every interaction you have, including phone calls, emails, quotes, meetings, and services performed.

Easily Customizable

Method is completely customizable through 100% code free, drag-and-drop tools. You'll have a system that's right for the way you work.
Easily build custom fields, screens, actions, reports, and charts to suit your small business needs.